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TOP 8 Best Coca-Cola Tricks Ever

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Published on 24 Apr 2019 / In How-to & Style

Tricks Video: Today I will show you 8 awesome Coca-Cola tricks!

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In the pursuit of life hacks, one can be consumed by a madness. The whole world becomes both hammer and nail. Is a power cord a jump rope? Is a sponge a pincushion? With enough time, effort, and visits to the craft store, can anything become anything?

In the video above, from DIY YouTube channel LHack TV, hacks are stripped free of the context of the real world, transforming objects into other objects for the sake of it. They’re magic tricks without magic. A Tic Tac box and a spray nozzle become a spray bottle. (Just...get a bottle?) A bottlecap, a lollipop, and some hot glue become a crude stamp.

Coca Cola Tricks Video

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Instagram Videos
Instagram Videos 2 years ago

Coca Cola Tricks 2019

My favorite Coke hack is to push the metal bottle cap into a bar of soap. It makes a little pedestal that keeps the soap from resting directly on the soap dish. That keeps your soap dish cleaner, longer and your soap doesn’t get waterlogged and mushy.

I use beer caps though. So i guess this is really a beer hack.

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