Moscow shooting Gunmen open fire FSB Building In Moscow

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Published on 19 Dec 2019 / In News & Politics

Moscow shooting video: Gunmen open fire outside Russian security service HQ in deadly 'terror attack'

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Several people have reportedly been killed in a shooting at the headquarters of Russia’s security agency.

The agency offered several conflicting accounts of what happened. According to an intial briefing, a group of three gunmen entered the lobby of the building shortly after 6pm local time, firing automatic rounds as they approached security officers. Two of the gunmen were killed, but one ran out onto the street, and then continued to exchange fire with officers.

Moscow FSB shooting

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Moscow FSB shooting

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A later briefing contradicted this, and said that only one gunman was involved. He gunman was intercepted and killed, provisionally describing the attack as "an act of terrorism."

Video footage released by Baza, a social media account with close links to the police, shows a gunman taking cover behind the columns of the building immediately behind the main headquarters, and shooting in the direction its windows. It also shows a traffic policeman lying on the floor.

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