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Massive anaconda crosses the middle of a road in Brazil

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Published on 30 Apr 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Motorists in Brazil are brought to a standstill by Plazto anaconda casually crossing the highway

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A 10-foot snake stopped traffic in the northwestern city of Porto Velho.
The boa slowly moved from one side of the highway to the other likely looking for food, accordingto a local biologist.
The video of the giant snake, which weighed at least 66 pounds, has been viewed more than two million times since it was shared last week.

Motorists in Brazil were forced to make an unexpected stop last week as a huge anaconda slithered its way across multiple lanes of a highway.

The video, which quickly went viral, showed the 10-foot boa making its way across the road in Porto Velho, a city in the northwestern state of Rondônia.

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Real Life
Real Life 1 year ago

An anaconda brings traffic to a standstill at northwestern Brazilian highway while residents pause to take videos and pictures. An online video has gained more than 2 million views

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