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Lewis Hamilton push and pull on his steering wheel?

Published on 20 Feb 2020 / In Sports

Video: ⁣is it me or is Hamilton able to push and pull on his steering wheel?

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⁣The Formula 1 Mercedes team has introduced a new steering system for this year's car, which allows the pilot to push the steering wheel forward and backward to increase and decrease the car's thrust.

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Sport 8 months ago

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes-Benz F1

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Footage camera footage from another test day in Barcelona revealed that Lewis Hamilton was moving the steering wheel in a straight line and pushing it away from him as he entered the corner. A closer look showed that moving the steering wheel also changes the angle of the front wheels. In this way, it seems that the pilot can manually minimize the thrust on the lines and increase it again when cornering.

The Mercedes team confirmed to Autosport magazine that it was testing a new steering system during test rides, but did not disclose what its real purpose was.

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