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How to build a SuperCar by hand - Life Hack

Published on 10 Sep 2019 / In How-to & Style

Life Hack video: How to build your own supercar in just 200 easy steps, step by step.

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Think of a Supercar kit car as the ultimate adult Lego set. The premise: An average weekend warrior, armed with basic tools and about 250 hours of spare time, can build a hot rod, a midengine supercar, or a replica Shelby. Spend $1,990 for Supercar Factory Mk4 Roadster kit, add an engine, transmission, wheels, and paint, and you have a sweet supercar for less than $5,000.

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LifeHack 1 year ago

They build their cars to a standard that we wouldn't even go for ourselves

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Yes, the term "kit car" still carries a bit of pejorative sting. The early days of this automotive sub-industry included machines that were unappealing concepts (art deco roadsters based on Volkswagen Beetles), had parts that didn't fit (this was before computer-aided design), or both. Not so anymore. Modern kit cars are designed using 3D CAD software and engineered around powerful, reliable running gear like GM V-8s or Subaru flat-fours. A half-million-dollar laser CNC machine cuts parts with accuracy to within a hundredth of a millimeter, so the pieces actually line up.

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