George Floyd protests and riots 2020

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Published on 03 Jun 2020 / In People & Blogs

⁣George Floyd U.S. protests video 2020

⁣George Floyd instagram:

⁣After George Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, with cities across the U.S. still reeling from often
violence-marred protests, demonstrators took to the streets once again.

Meanwhile, an independent autopsy released by Floyd's family said the 46-year-old died of mechanical asphyxiation and called the death a homicide. An autopsy from the county
medical examiner also called Floyd's death a homicide, but concluded he died from "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual,
restraint and neck compression."

⁣George Floyd protests and riots 2020

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Real Life
Real Life 4 months ago

George Floyd couldn't breathe. We protest because now all of Black America can't either

USA News:

George Floyd should have been alive today. George Floyd would have been alive today if his humanity was recognized, valued and respected. George Floyd should have been protected by those who swore an oath to uphold the law and help the communities they serve. George Floyd is no longer with us because even in the middle of a global pandemic, police brutality has not ceased.

COVID-19 is ravaging us, making it difficult to breathe, and yet systemic racism has been tightening its grip on our throats for years. Racism is trauma, passed from generation to generation. Enough is enough.

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