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⁣Zoraki 925 Uzi style replica gun ⁣review. Specifications, features and info.



Type: Blank Gun.

Manufacturer: Zoraki Atak Arms.

Model:Zoraki MOD 925.

Materials: Metal, Polymere shell.

Weight: 1.8 pounds.

Barrel: Semi plugged - front firing.

Propulsion: Gun powder.

Action: Single action.

Ammunition Type: 9mm P.A.K.

Ammunition Capacity: 16/26 rounds (magazine dependent).


Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is short and smooth, typical of a semi auto action.

Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: The overall build quality of this gun is excellent. The design and materials all seem to be of good quality. I was actually not expecting this gun to be as well built and finished as it was. Inside it has a metal frame based on the MOD 914 Zaraki with an exo-shell made of a polymer type material. It also comes in a very nice hard shell case with cut outs for everything included. (The Zoraki MOD 925 blank gun, 16 round and 26 round extended magazine, cleaning rod, oil bottle, alternate barrel tip, barrel changing tool, and flare adaptor)

Realism: This gun is not supposed to be a replica of any gun in production but it does look a bit like a mini sub machine pistol. The Zoraki 925 looks and feels like a real gun, so make sure to take precautions when using this blank mini machine gun!

Purchased from

In Canada it is one of the few blank guns available for purchase that is not prohibited.

Excellent construction, all metal internal frame with high quality external polymer shell.

Well priced for what you get even at the newer higher pricing.

Magazines interchangeable with the Zoraki MOD 914.

Come with a very nice hard shell case and accessory package.

Replica Airguns Content

Not as readily available in Canada, the US and other areas..

9mm P.A.K. Blank ammo is expensive.


The Zoraki MOD 925 is a sweet full auto machine pistol and if you can find one is a great addition to anyone blank gun collection. When compared to other full auto blank firing machine guns or pistols (Voltran Ekol UZI 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun / Voltran Jackal air pistol) it is well priced but does not sacrifice in quality!

Video Review for the Zoraki MOD 925 Blank Gun

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⁣Watch ⁣Avatar 2 The Way of Water ⁣Free Online HERE Full HD

A⁣vatar The Way of Water 4K:

New Avatar Movie here.

⁣Avatar The Way of Water is a 2022 American epic science fiction film directed and produced by James Cameron, who co-edited the film and co-wrote the screenplay with Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver from a story the trio wrote with Josh Friedman and Shane Salerno.

It is distributed by 20th Century Studios, it is the sequel to Avatar (2009) and the second installment in the Avatar film series. Cast members Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Giovanni Ribisi, Dileep Rao, and Matt Gerald reprise their roles from the original film, with Sigourney Weaver returning in an additional role.

New cast members include Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, and Jemaine Clement. In the film, Na'vi Jake Sully (Worthington) and his family, under renewed human threat, seek refuge with the Metkayina clan of Pandora.

Cameron stated in 2006 that he would like to make sequels to Avatar if it was successful, and he announced the first two sequels in 2010, following the widespread success of the first film, with the first sequel aiming for a 2014 release. However, the addition of two more sequels, for a total of five Avatar films, and the necessity to develop new technology in order to film performance capture scenes underwater, a feat never accomplished before, led to significant delays to allow the crew more time to work on the writing, preproduction, and visual effects. The filming process, which occurred simultaneously with a currently untitled third film, began in Manhattan Beach, California, on August 15, 2017. The filming location moved to Wellington, New Zealand, on September 25, 2017, and concluded in late September 2020 after three years of shooting. With an estimated budget of $350–460 million, it is one of the most expensive films ever made.

Following repeated delays in the expected release schedule, Avatar: The Way of Water premiered in London on December 6, 2022, and was theatrically released in the United States on December 16, 2022. The film received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the film for its visual effects and technical achievements but criticized the plot and lengthy runtime.[10] The film has grossed over $1.713 billion worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing film of 2022 and the seventh-highest-grossing film of all time. It was the sixth-fastest film to cross the billion-dollar mark, doing so in 14 days, and the fourth film to cross the $1 billion mark since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film also received numerous accolades, including nominations for Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director at the 80th Golden Globe Awards.

⁣Avatar The Way of Water

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⁣⁣ Публикуем видеообращение ⁣Вагнер Е.В. Пригожина к Президенту Украины В.А. Зеленскому

Wagner video: https://vesti.exe,news

⁣Пригожин Зеленскому: Бахмут практически окружен, вывод войск.

⁣Подразделения Вагнер практически окружили Бахмут. Остался только один путь, стороны сужаются. Если раньше с нами воевала профессиональная украинская армия, то сейчас мы видим все больше стариков и детей. Воюют, но жизнь их коротка при Бахмуте - день-два. Дайте им шанс покинуть город. Город де-факто окружен», говорит Пригожин в ролике.

⁣Видео Вагнера

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⁣Новинка ⁣⁣Виктор Могилатов ⁣⁣Помни Меня

⁣Большое спасибо за донаты:

⁣"Помни меня". 1.Это лето было сказкой, было сладким сном.До рассвета как русалка в море ты ночном.Всё купалась и хотелось вместе нам побыть.Но промчалось, улетело лето словно миг.

Припев:Ты помни меня, помни, помни, Помни, каким я был.Как целовал ладониИ как тебя любил.

Ты помни меня, помни, помни,Помни мой каждый взгляд.Как бы хотел я сноваВсё возвратить назад.

2.Тёплый ветер всё гоняет жёлтую листву.А я лето вспоминаю и девчонку ту.Что мне сказку подарила и свою любовь.Наше счастье закружило унося волной.

⁣Слова: Игорь Блоцкий
Музыка: Виктор Могилатов
Бэк: Кристина Ашмарина

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⁣⁣⁣TikTok Girl Viral Dance and Mashup music

Watch TikTok Viral Videos:

⁣TikTok masuk indonesia tahun berapa, TikTok Mashup

TikTok Girl Dance Challenge: Learn the Latest Viral Dance Moves - In this video, a TikTok girl will teach viewers the latest viral dance moves from TikTok. She will demonstrate each move and then break it down step-by-step so viewers can learn the moves and create their own TikTok videos.

#TikTok #Viral #Mashup #Girl #Dance #Kim "Kam

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⁣⁣⁣Соловьёв LIVE: Обращение Президента Российской Федерации

⁣Новости события в Москве, России и мире сегодня

Новости в России и мире, самая оперативная информация: темы дня, обзоры, анализ.
Фото и видео с места событий, инфографика, радиоэфир, подкасты.

⁣Соловьёв LIVE

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⁣⁣Видео ⁣Филипп Киркоров Бегущая по волнам

⁣Яндекс Видео:

Я давно не верю снам изменчивым о бегущей по волнам женщине.

Потому, что здесь на этом берегу ты как свет земной, грешный святой со мной.

Счастья искать нам не надо если со мной ты рядом на земле этой.

Если в нас живет любовь, мы вечные пусть всегда мужчина ждет женщину.

И дорога двух идущих по земле в час безоблачный станет солнечной дорогой.

Счастья искать нам не надо если со мной ты рядом на земле этой.

Счастья искать нам не надо если со мной ты рядом на земле этой.

Счастья искать нам не надо если со мной ты рядом на земле этой.

⁣Филипп Киркоров

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⁣⁣Русский ТикТок - Как купить новую машину в России на 50% дешевле

Как получить скидку:

С 1 июля в России появились новые программы при покупке автомобиля. Правила просты, выгода заманчива.

Пойти к дилеру, выбрать подходящую под госпрограмму машину и подать заявку на автокредит. Скидка предоставляется в виде отдельных программ:

Семейный автомобиль. Если в семье двое и или больше детей до 18 лет, покупатель получает скидку на автомобиль в размере 10%.
Первый автомобиль. Если автомобиль приобретается впервые, покупатель получает скидку на автомобиль в размере 10%.
Российский тягач. Российский фермер и Свое дело. Стоимость техники для сельского хозяйства и предпринимательских нужд снижается на 12,5%. Подробно описывать смыла нет, но имейте ввиду.

Все они суммируются с программой льготного кредитования при покупке автомобиля или техники российского производства. В данном случае государство оплачивает 6,7% от кредитной ставки.

⁣Русский ТикТок
Russian TikTok

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Bollywood Superhit ⁣Mahesh Babu and Rashmika viral seen

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⁣New TikTok ⁣mashup songs 2023 - Latest TikTok songs

Watch Latest TikTok Videos:

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TikTok ⁣mashup songs

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⁣⁣NEW 2023 Volkswagen Passat Exterior And Interior video

New Cars: ⁣

VW Passat was discontinued from North America last year, but European buyers will be blessed with an all-new generation of the popular nameplate, set to debut before the end of 2023. Following numerous spy appearances of the model that will be exclusively offered in wagon form with electrified powertrains, we created an accurate rendering, combining it with all the information we have about its technical specifications.

SUVs have pretty much conquered the D-Segment in Europe forcing most automakers to discontinue their medium-sized sedans. However, Volkswagen thinks there is still space for a new Passat in the Old Continent before it becomes an EV-only brand.

The VW Group will lower the R&D costs by jointly developing the next generations of the VW Passat and the Skoda Superb. The former will only come in the more practical Variant bodystyle, unlike the latter which will retain its Sedan and Combi flavors. Volkswagen officials are probably thinking that the upcoming fully electric ID.7 sedan will fulfill the role of the discontinued four-door Passat in the automaker’s future lineup.

New Cars

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⁣TikTok Viral Video: Dog ⁣walk was so windy

Trump Twitter: ⁣

⁣Today's walk was so windy that even the dog himself thought it was really impossible.

TikTok Viral Video

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⁣China videos: ⁣Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Monday for a state visit to Russia. A grand welcoming ceremony was held upon Xi's arrival.

China Twitter:

⁣On the afternoon of March 20 local time, President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on a special plane to pay a state visit to Russia at the invitation of PresidentVladimir Putin.

President Xi’s special plane arrived at the Moscow Vnukovo Airport around 13:00 local time. As he stepped out of the plane, President Xi was warmly
greeted by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko and other senior Russian officials by the ramp.

China Videos

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⁣Watch ⁣how to cut an onion so as not to cry

Weather Report:

⁣Another simple and pretty effective trick: Freeze the onion for about 10 or 15 minutes before you cut it. The blast of cold prevents the tear-causing enzyme from releasing into the air.

Tips and Tricks Videos

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⁣Tesla crash video - ⁣Speeding Tesla kills two in China, carmaker denies claims that brakes failed

Tesla News:

⁣Two people were killed in an accident involving a Tesla electric car in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong on November 5, 2022.
Surveillance footage showed the Model Y vehicle pulling over to apparently park when it suddenly accelerated and took off.
Other cameras captured footage of the car speeding along roads for about 2 km (1.2 miles) before crashing.
The car manufacturer has denied claims that the brakes failed, but agreed to cooperate with the police investigation.

Tesla Videos

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⁣VIDEO: ⁣Cooking King Cobra & Snake Blood on Thailand Street Food

Trump Twitter: ⁣
⁣If half of you folks seen how the animals you eat are slaughtered, I bet you'd be shocked!?I'm a red blooded, American and happen to love my meat!

⁣ Thailand Street Food Videos

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Speaking in India, whose government has been sympathetic to Putin’s claims on Ukraine and helped Moscow mitigate the effect of western sanctions.
Lavrov says “the war we are trying to stop was launched against us.”

The audience laughs at him.

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⁣TikTok Video: ⁣Beautiful girl makeup tutorial

Watch latest TikTok Videos:

⁣Beauty Makeup For Girls . The Best Eye Makeup Tutorial and Makeup Insipration

TikTok Girl Video

#TikTok #Video #Beautiful #Girl #Makeup #Tutorial #Lesson #Eyes

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⁣Greta Thunberg was briefly arrested by Norway police during a demonstration in Oslo

New Twitter 2023:

Police removing her and other activists from the finance ministry.
The campaigners are demanding the removal of wind turbines from reindeer pastures on Sami Indigenous land.

Greta Thunberg Videos

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