US sends High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Himars to Ukraine

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Joe Biden has announced the US will send advanced missile systems to Ukraine. The new weapon is the Himars multiple launch rocket system


The United States will send High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Himars to Ukraine, Himars said, a US official said on Tuesday, ending days of speculation over more effective military aid to Kiev, which is fighting the Russian invasion.

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Himars uses precision ammunition at a range of about 80 kilometers, an official who asked for anonymity said. Washington decided not to give far missiles to Ukraine.

"Ukrainians are using these systems to repel the advance of Russian forces on Ukrainian territory, but they are not being used against Russia," the official said.

US President Joe Biden has confirmed that the United States will send Ukraine modern missile systems that will allow important targets of the Russian occupying forces to be captured.

"We are supplying Ukrainians with state-of-the-art missile systems and ammunition that will allow them to capture important targets more accurately on the Ukrainian battlefield," Biden wrote in The New York Times.

Thanks to their precision ammunition and greater range than the weapons currently used in Ukraine, multi-shotguns are an important addition at a time when Ukrainians are facing Russian artillery in the east of the country.

Himars rockets "will allow Ukrainians to deliver more targeted shots at targets inside Ukraine and help them repel Russia," the official said.

Himars are at the center of a $ 700 million military aid package to be unveiled on Wednesday, which also includes air surveillance radars, anti-tank missiles Javelin, more artillery ammunition, helicopters, vehicles and spare parts, the official said.

Although there has been speculation about the supply of Himars for days after repeated requests from the Ukrainian military, it has also become clear that the United States, which militarily supports Kiev, does not want to be seen as a party to the war.

For this reason, the supply of Himars does not include ammunition, which has a range of about 300 kilometers, so that the Ukrainians could not use it to strike deep into Russian territory.

However, 80 kilometers is far more than the current capabilities of the Ukrainians and means that Ukrainian troops will be able to strike Russian positions from a relatively safe distance.

"Ukrainians have confirmed that they will not use these systems against Russian territory," the official stressed.

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