Severe vengeance was promised at a memorial ceremony for General Soleiman in Tehran

One of Iran's most influential people, General Qassem Soleiman, was killed in a rocket attack early Friday morning in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.


An attack by the United States unleashed a serious confrontation between Iran and the United States.

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What is important to know?

  • On Friday, a high Iranian general was killed at the behest of US President Donald Trump.
  • Iran has pledged fierce revenge to the United States, which, according to a military adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is targeting military facilities.
  • Trump warned that in the event of an Iranian counterattack, 52 targets would be hit in Iran.
  • The Iranians gathered in the streets to protest against the United States. The Shia red flag was hoisted as a sign of revenge.

Revenge was promised at the memorial ceremony

Iran's highest leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei prayed a revolutionary card at Tehran's commemorative service today under General Qassem Soleiman's guard.

Soleiman (62), head of the Quds elite unit for foreign operations on the Revolutionary Card, was killed in a drone attack near Baghdad International Airport on Friday.

During the procession of the mourners, who walked through Tehran's Enghelab Street to the university, flags bearing the name of Shia, and posters bearing the words "Down the US!" And "Death to Israel!"

State Television broadcast the procession live, with a black mourning tape on the left side of the screen.

Khamenei wept as he prayed for Solemain and the five corners of the martyrs who were killed in the attack. Next to the country's highest leader was Soleiman's son, Esmail Qaani, the leader of the successor to Qudsi, succeeded by President Hassan Rouhan, Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, and Major General Hossein Salami, Commander of the Revolutionary Card.

Gathered mourners prayed with Khamenei, whose voice broke as he spoke.

"We have to give a devastating counterattack," said one of those present. “We need to target their military bases in the region. We must attack everything within the range of our rockets. »

The daughter of the General, Zeinab Soleiman, also spoke at the memorial service, claiming that President Donald Trump's plan to bridge the gap between Iran and Iraq failed. «Trump, you compulsive gambler. Your wicked plan to bridge the gap between Iran and Iraqi states by killing Haj Qasem and Abu Mahd failed. It created a historical unity between the two countries and united their eternal hatred of the United States, »said the daughter of the general. "Crazy Trump, you're a symbol of stupidity and a plaything for international Zionists," he added.

The remains of Soleimain reached Iran yesterday, before being transported to the capital, a coffin was laid in the streets of Ahvaz and Mashhad. According to the Revolutionary Card, there were so many mourners in Mashhad that it forced to cancel last night's planned ceremony in Tehran.

After a commemoration ceremony at Tehran University Mosque, mourners carry the General's coffin 10 kilometers to Azad Square. Later, the pole is transported to the Shiite holy city of Qom.

Soleiman was one of Iran's most popular public figures. His death shocked the Islamic Republic and caused fears of further confrontation or even war with the United States.

The leader of the elite Quds of the Revolutionary Card, killed by a man, will probably be buried in the soil tomorrow in his hometown of Kerman.

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