Samsung sent a virus to mobile phones

Samsung has sent many users today an enigmatic message, what does it mean?

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Today, Samsung sent a mysterious message to many users with only one number 1.

The notification itself came from Find My Mobile, which helps you locate your phone if it's lost. In the event that the user clicked on the notification, it closed and no further information was provided to the user what the mysterious incident meant.

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While Samsung has not yet formally commented on the case, it is more than likely that there is a technical twist behind the announcement, especially given that it was received by many people in different parts of the world and on different phones. Currently, there are reports of S-series, Note-series, J-series and A-series users who received cryptographic notification.

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Other phone manufacturers have also sent such notifications in the past, for example, OnePlus mistakenly sent a message in Chinese language to 7 Pro users worldwide last year, which turned out to be software testing.

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The problem is not limited to telephone companies, for example, last year a message was erroneously sent out in Hawaii advising people to seek shelter because a ballistic missile was hitting the island. Earlier this year, however, a false report was sent out in Canada saying a local nuclear plant had an accident. In fact, there were no incidents in either case.
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