Latvia reports its first coronavirus COVID-19 case

First case of COVID-19 coronavirus confirmed in Latvia. Latvia said on Monday it had confirmed its first case of the new coronavirus.

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Latvia's Health Ministry and Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) announced March 2 that a first positive test for the COVID-19 coronavirus has been confirmed, reported LSM's Latvian language service. 

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A press conference at 20:00 Rīga time said the individual with a COVID-19 infection is female and lives in Rīga. She had travelled from Milan to Munich and then flown to Rīga on February 29 aboard the 15:40 flight with the code BT226.

She has been transferred to the Latvian Infectology Center along with her child, who also has been ill but who has not tested positive for the virus, officials said. Her health condition is not severe.

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Efforts were being made to trace all the passengers on the flight which the woman took, SPKC departamenta direktors Jurijs Perevoščikovs said, and held up a piece of paper with telephone numbers passengers could call if they were on the flights.

As previously reported by LSM, in the morning officials met for a third emergency meeting at which they insisted state institutions were working together effectively and repeated advice to the public.

The World Health Organization is a good source of information on the coronavirus, including both advice on precautions to take and this useful section of its website busting the many myths that have sprung up in recent weeks. 

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