George Floyd protests: Demonstrations in more than 30 US cities

Unrest escalates in demonstrations in more than 30 US cities

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Police have arrested nearly 1,400 people in 17 cities across the United States as protests continue over the death of George Floyd.

Mr Floyd died on Monday in Minnesota after a police officer put his knee on Mr Floyd's neck for more than eight minutes. The officer was arrested on Friday and charged with third-degree murder.

But the arrest has done little to quell protests across the country. Most have been peaceful. But a few have erupted in violence.

At least 1,383 people have been arrested since Thursday, although the actual number is likely higher as protests continued on Saturday night in a country struggling to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump warned protesters that they will be met with "vicious dogs" if they scale the White House fence, as America braces for another night of violent demonstrations.

The US president has put the army on alert amid public anger over the death of Mr Floyd, saying troops could be put on the ground "very quickly" as another wave of protests began in cities across the country overnight. Mr Trump also faces accusations of inciting racial violence as he appeared to call on his supporters to counter-protest outside the White House.

Demonstrations broke out in more than 30 US cities with people angered by footage of Mr Floyd. 

Mr Trump was inside the White House as protesters clashed outside with police. He tweeted that those defending his residence had been "very cool" and did a "great job".

George Floyd protests

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Real Life
Real Life 5 months ago
In May 2020, Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd by kneeling on the back of his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Spectator video of the incident showed Floyd saying "I can't breathe" multiple times. Despite his pleas, as well as a bystander exclaiming that the officer was preventing Floyd from breathing, Chauvin continued the restraint for two minutes and 53 seconds after Floyd became unresponsive, while three other officers watched. "I can't breathe" became a rallying cry for the subsequent nationwide protests.
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