Facebook Live Video of Nepal Plane Crash

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Indian youth was lLIVE on Facebook just before plane crash, incident caught on camera, Family from Ghazipur (UP) Shares heart wrenching video


BREAKING NEWS: Scary video, Indian youth records final moments of Nepal Plane Crash on Facebook Live Watch.

Watch video here:

The Yeti Airlines aircraft in the unfortunate crash had 72 passengers on board, with 5 Indians among them and 4 of the Indian nationals from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.

Minutes before the plane went down, the four passengers on the tragic Yeti Airlines ATR-72 flight that crashed in Pokhara, Nepal, on Sunday were sharing their experiences on Facebook live. The four passengers were all from the Uttar Pradesh city of Ghazipur. One of them can be seen enthusiastically yelling "Mauj Kar Di" (it's been fun) as the camera focuses on Pokhara town below in the 1.3-minute live video on Facebook. It should be mentioned that the aeroplane carried 72 passengers, 11 of them were foreigners, including five Indians.

One of them, Sonu Jaiswal (29), is also featured on the phone camera. However, around 58 seconds in, the footage shows the plane making a fast left turn before crashing and bursting into flames. For the following thirty seconds, the phone camera rolled, catching glimpses of the soaring flames all around it. 

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