7 reasons why cat licks you

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Cats are known to be very clean animals, but we take care of your hygiene is not the only reason why a cat comes to lick you


Let's make it clear why he behaves like this:

1. Socialization

Licking is one way to show that the cat wants to interact with you.

2. Expressing affection

You are still part of his family and he wants to express that.

3. Stress and anxiety

If the cat licks you particularly strongly and intensively, this indicates its nervousness.

4. Cleaning

Yes, that too! A cat's tongue can clean itself, its children, and yours. At least he's trying.

5. Territory marking

Kitty wants to leave a particle of her scent on your skin. to make sure you're still his.

6. Your smell

Consequently, he likes it. Cats become especially loving if you have the smell of food on you.

7. Need for attention

Did you still pay enough attention to your ferret? If not, he may come and lick you to achieve this

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